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Message started by Rolly Angeles on 08/28/07 at 22:17:21

Title: Is RCFA Reactive or Proactive ?
Post by Rolly Angeles on 08/28/07 at 22:17:21

Dear All,

Just would like to share with you this message If RCFA/RCA is REACTIVE or PROACTIVE ?  This is a chicken and egg question.


A ball bearing had failed that caused an equipment to stop, there was no stock in the stockroom for the part, hence downtime was enourmous.  Management warranted an analysis why the bearing had failed so a cross-functional group had been formed to investigate the failed phenomenon.  We can only perform an analysis when something had failed or a problem errupts that cause havoc in operation.  Perhaps the shipment for this product was delayed causing the client/customer to be really irritated.


Now the analysis shows traces of silicon contaminants as well as metal wear on the raceway of the bearing causing the bearing to suffer from fatigue and spalling,  and the investigating team saw that upon Oil Analysis, the oil was purely contaminated, particle count indicating their ISO range was way way out of the standard.  Good filtration practices was provided as well as contamination control practices was adopted, not only on this equipment but to the rest as well.  How lubricants was stored was addressed and so on.  But all these efforts was done as a result of finding out that failed bearing.  

After initiating this practice,  they experience a quite operations as a result of their proactive efforts,  not only did they address that single equipment that failed, but also other equipment's that could probably fail as well as a result of similar incident.

My Warm Regards,

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