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Message started by Rolly Angeles on 01/04/09 at 02:23:09

Title: Maintenance Culture
Post by Rolly Angeles on 01/04/09 at 02:23:09


Just thought I share this with the readers, regarding newsletter I recently wrote about maintenance culture.  Just click this link :

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Title: Re: Maintenance Culture
Post by rsare on 10/29/11 at 02:12:39

Medyo may pagkakaiba ang kultura sa planta where I work. Its a big plant with about 500 maintenance crew and about the same number of operating personnel working in three shifts.

There are Indians, Pakistani, Brit, Americans and a number of Pinoys working at the plant plus the hired guns (contractors and sub-contractors). During a busy day like turnaround or capacity expansion projects, people increases to several thousand more - mix of nationalities.

In  a multi-cultural working environment, the usual prescription for relaibility doesnt normally work. Dont get me wrong, we are a firm believer of Nolan - we got SAP, Primavera, Intergraph and Meridium rolled out and constantly changing our mission statement and monitoring our KPI's to support the companys vision.

Profit is ramping up (and so is the bonus), safety performance improving year by year end. Most of the process equipment at the plant is over 25 years old and are constantly improved and monitored and plant capaciities has been increased twice to max it out.

And what about the maintenance culture we practiced at the plant - glad to talk more about it in the future.

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