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Message started by Rolly Angeles on 01/02/10 at 21:16:12

Title: TPM Recognition and Promotion
Post by Rolly Angeles on 01/02/10 at 21:16:12

Dear All,

I received an email from a previous client asking what form of recognition can we provide the TPM Teams.  Here is the email and my response and hope that this can provide some idea to industries practicing TPM.

When I was still employed and work with the TPM Office, we have the TPM Awards, which is a form of healthy competition where the team is given a specific time to present their improvements in their equipment.  Sometimes we hire outside judges.  The winning prize here is at 100,000 PHP (2,100 USD).  We have this for both AM and Office TPM.

For PM we have a yearly symposium where the best team also is given some plaque and certificates.  It is also a competition with judges.  

You can also provide small tokens as they pass their step or phase certification.  I just cannot recall exactly the tokens. for example for AM

Step 1: Pin

Step 2 : MUG

Step 3: T-shirt

Step 4. Diary or Notebook with TPM Logo

Step 5 :TPM Polo shirt  

Step 6: TPM Bag

Step 7: TPM Jacket

When our Planned Maintenance is doing well, meaning all teams are in target, we celebrate.  

Message is give them something that they will be proud of with their accomplishment and not necessarily money.

Hope this helps.

Rolly Angeles ;D

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