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11/18/19 at 09:34:13
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TPM and RCM Strengths (Read 4244 times)
Rolly Angeles
Rolly Angeles


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TPM and RCM Strengths
05/16/07 at 20:20:19
I would like to share as based from my own understanding and experience the strenghts of these two strategies regarding TPM and RCM and would like to post this as a separate discussion from MIKE66 post from TPM to RCM.
Like RCM there are many versions on how TPM is implemented and additional pillars on TPM to best suit their organization and culture, but I would like to stick to the original TPM standards set forth by JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance), this is included in my training on TPM-JIPM Approach.
1) Origin :
TPM  : Japan (East)
RCM : United Kingdom (West)
2) Develop by :
TPM  : Seiichi Nakajima
RCM : John Moubray
3) Original Consulting Firm :
RCM : Aladdon
4) Primary Measure of Performance used :
TPM  : OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
RCM : MTBF by component
5) Maintenance Goal :
TPM  : Achieve Zero Unplanned Breakdown
RCM : Reduce consequences of failure to a level acceptable to the user
6) Initial Approach :
TPM  : Establish Basic Equipment Condition
RCM : Determine functions & Failure Modes
7) How To Implement :
TPM : Top Down Approach
RCM : Bottom Up Approach
8) Concept on Improvement
TPM  : Believes in continuous improvement
RCM : Maintenance first before redesign
9) What it believes :
TPM  : Maintenance educate operators
RCM : There are cases when operators educate maintenance since RCM believes that the first line of
         defense on failure and the first to encounter them will be the operators
10) Implementation Time :
TPM  : 3 months / step or phase
RCM : 3 months / case as I have experience
11) Can it be combined ?
TPM  : Yes, TPM complements RCM
RCM : No comment from the author
12) Maintenance Focus :
TPM  : Address 6 big equipment losses
RCM : Address both primary & secondary functions of the equipment
13) Aim on Maintenance :
TPM  : Maintenance Prevention
RCM : Proactive Maintenance
TPM believes that in order to advance to any other improvement program, Basic Equipment Condition must be carried out first . . . . .
While RCM believes that the first step is to change the way people think and then apply this change thought to their asset . . . . .  
Rolly Angeles
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