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11/20/19 at 05:27:46
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Disctinction Between RCA, RCFA and FA (Read 3811 times)
Rolly Angeles
Rolly Angeles


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Disctinction Between RCA, RCFA and FA
05/23/07 at 09:01:48
Hello All,
We have heard the tems, Root Cause Analysis, Root Cause Failure Analysis and Failure Analysis.  Are they the same or they have some unique distinction.  Here is my distinction between the three :
Failure Analysis  
If we speak about failure analysis, it is right to say that we stop our analysis on the component level, or the physical analysis of the failure. We refer here to the metallurgical aspect as to why the failure occur, then the analysis stops. Example, when you send a bearing to the lab, they will check the raceway and conclude that it was fatigue, mostly the analysis stops here and the lab will recommend countermeasure but the human cause and latent cause was not determined.
Root Cause Failure Analysis
Both RCFA and RCA is performed by determining the physical, human and latent cause of the problem. The disctinction is the word failure, when we include the word failure in Root Cause Failure Analysis, then we refer to equipment related failures where we perform RCFA. Hence, my training is entitled Root Cause Failure Analysis since, this refers to equipment related failures.
Root Cause Analysis
This is much broader in scope as this can be applied to medicine, terrorism, safety, siesmoloyg etc., and for industry related issues this is used for quality related issues and defects elimination.
Ex. In one hospital a patient died because the attending nurse injected the wrong blood type in the patient, because the patient switch beds, now this will warant an RCA investigation approach.
My Warm Regards,
Rolly Angeles
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Rolly Angeles
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