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11/18/19 at 09:54:00
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Does Improving Reliability Means Less Overtime ? (Read 3959 times)
Rolly Angeles
Rolly Angeles


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Does Improving Reliability Means Less Overtime ?
06/17/07 at 18:02:26
Dear All,
Does improving reliability means that there will be no more overtime left for our maintenance craftspeople ?  One of the most common remarks I get from people I teach, is they often tell me that if we follow what you are teaching and our equipment's reliability starts to improve then we ain't gonna be working on overtime no more, and if our line definitely improves then they can cut manpower resources on maintenance and I might loose my job.
How would you address this situation ? Kindly be in my shoes when you answer this post, as I come from a third world country where unemployment is a big problem. Perhaps in other countries such as yours you can get a job easily, so this is not often an issue to the maintenance people afterall.
Appreciate any feedback here
Rolly Angeles
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Rolly Angeles
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Re: Does Improving Reliability Means Less Overtime
Reply #1 - 10/29/11 at 02:26:16
The big money is NOT in the O/T - its in the production output. The more reliable is the process and equipment - the better chance that the prudction target will be exceeded. More output, more sales, more profit.
Malaki ang kita, malaki ang bonus - as much as 6 months of pay in a year. The key is equipment reliability - and it doesnt come cheap and easy.
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