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11/20/19 at 05:36:30
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Comparision of Oil Ferrography & Spectroscopy (Read 6628 times)
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Comparision of Oil Ferrography & Spectroscopy
07/17/07 at 10:48:22
Dear Rolly,
Kindly give your view whether Oil ferrography is better or spectroscopy is better?  
Both vendors have conter claims for their products. Or elase what is the right application for each technique.
We have been doing oil ferrography since 12 years and have not got any fruitful results till date. Vendor is collecting the samples at site. And now he blaims the location of sampling points.
HN Gohel
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Rolly Angeles
Rolly Angeles


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Re: Comparision of Oil Ferrography & Spectroscopy
Reply #1 - 07/18/07 at 06:21:21
Hello Gohel,
When doing an oil analysis, it must be done in 3 folds :
1st level : Checking the oil for its health and cleanliness through the use of particle counter
              This strategy is to check the cleanliness of the oil, the cleaner the oil the less contaminants
              it have  
2nd level : Checking the oil for its physical and chemical properties such as moisture content, viscosity,
               TAN/TBN, oxidation rate etc.
3rd level : Checking the oil for its wear metal debris
               This level will determine the rate of wear going on inside your equipment by analyzing its
               metal debris.  2 techniques used here are ferrography and spectroanalysis  
Now for your question, which is more important on the 2, I think both are important and both have its limitation.  Ferrography is used to track down wear particle size up to the naked eye (4o microns), it will not detect wear particles less than 10 microns and from this you need spectroanalysis.  Remember, the smaller the wear particle the more abrasive it can become once it become trapped into clearances.
Hence spectroanalysis test are usually used for smaller size wear particles in the range of 7 microns and below, that is why both of them should be used as well as the other 2 levels of oil analysis.
My Warm Regards,
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Rolly Angeles
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