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11/13/19 at 14:39:00
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Moubray Statement On OEE (Read 5389 times)
Rolly Angeles
Rolly Angeles


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Moubray Statement On OEE
02/17/08 at 00:19:54
To All,
For those who have the book on John Moubray page 302 states : Quote : There is often a tendency to focus too heavily on primary functions when assessing maintenance effectiveness. This is a mistake since, apparently trivial secondary functions often embody bigger threats to the organization if they fail than primary functions. As a result, every function must be considered when setting up maintenance effectiveness measures and targets . . . . .  
I agree on this statement, no questions !!!
Page 304 on RCM2 Book by John Moubray : Quote : The OEE as defined above only relates to the
primary function of any asset. This is misleading leading because as in the case of the gasoline storage system, every asset, machine tools included have many more functions than the primary function and each of these functions have their own unique performance standards, Consequently, OEE is not a measure of the overall effectiveness at all but only a measure of the effectiveness with w/c the primary function of the asset is being fulfilled. . . .
This I somewhat would like to explore further, the activities of TPM such as Autonomous Maintenance and Planned Maintenance will likewise address secondary functions of the equipment.    
1) OEE is the primary measure of TPM
2) The activities of TPM will ensure that secondary functions are being taken care off
3) Autonomous Maintenance pillar will take care of slight defects and abnormalities whereby taking chance of screeing secondary functions that ain't working
4) Planned Maintenance will restore equipment by bringing back failed primary and secondary functions.
TPM activities by the different pillars will ensure that both primary and secondary functions on the equipment will be addressed to achieve their OEE goal.  
Although, TPM have a different term, Primary function in TPM refers to Function Loss and Secondary Functions refers to Function Reduction loss. Function reduction loss are failures of secondary functions wherein the equipment is still capable of running.  
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Rolly Angeles
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