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11/20/19 at 04:21:46
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My Thoughts About Lean Manufacturing (Read 2776 times)
Rolly Angeles
Rolly Angeles


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My Thoughts About Lean Manufacturing
05/18/08 at 01:02:40
To All,
Last March 2007, I was priviledge to speak at a Reliability Conference here in our country, the resource speaker was actually meant for Vee Narayan, however, he was busy with his schedule and recommended the organizers my name to take his place and luckily I was chosen. I was to speak about Root Cause Failure Analysis for 2 hours but rather it was cut to 1.5 hours.
Before my alloted time, another presentor was talking about Lean Manufacturing and showing presentation until a slide which he shows about the effects of Multi-skilling to their plant rose a lot of questions. His graph shows from 36 maintenance people, it was reduce to 6 because of multi-skilling which he presented proudly.
When one of the participants ask What did you do with the rest of the people, he said " WE RETIRE THEM ?"
It ate a lot of my time presenting because a burst of questions flurred up because of this.
My question is this, Is Lean really meant to retire people ? If the answer to this is YES, then I think there are 2 factors that Lean Manufacturing do not understand.
1st - Multi-skilling is not applicable if antropometric factors are present, this is stated clearly in John Moubray RCM book, antropometric factor refers to the size, shape of the person, if a job to be done is required by a person 5ft 9inches in height on a minimum you cannot replace a short person to do multi-skilling work.
2nd - Lean must understand the grandeur and diversity of the maintenance function, if we speak about maintenance we speak about a vast diversify lists of positions and not only technicians or those fixing the equipments.
- Spare parts management
- Reliability groups such as RCM
- Fractographer
- Failure Analyst
- Tribologist
- Oil Analyst if there is inside lab
- Predictive Maintenance
- Technical Training  
- etc etc etc
Why not place these people on other aspects of maintenance such as spare parts or the rest instead of retiring them for good ?
This is my thoughts about lean, if I understand it wrong, can someone enlighten me ?
I simply refuse to teach continuous improvement initiatives that is meant to retire people for good. This is not the way to save cost.
My Warm Regards,
Rolly Angeles
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Rolly Angeles
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