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11/18/19 at 08:32:08
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Survey on 10 Biggest Problems Maintenance Experien (Read 3103 times)
Rolly Angeles
Rolly Angeles


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Survey on 10 Biggest Problems Maintenance Experien
05/27/08 at 23:29:31
Dear All,
I am currently developing my training materials on how to effectively maximize Preventive Maintenance in their industry, and I am currently thinking of a survey which I would like you to contribute on their problems they encounter during PM. I have summarized to the best of my knowledge these problems and if there are additions, kindly let me know :
I also send an email to my lists and so far here is the votes as of this writing (May 26, 2008)
1) Add on PM Checklists Syndrome - where PM checklists and activities seems to grow
(2 votes)
2) Infant Mortality Failures - where problems arises after a PM replacement and overhaul  
(1 vote)
3) Replacement of good parts to conform with PM specs and procedures
4) The Case of Random Failures - where random failures are included in the PM checklists
(1 vote)
5) Ageing workforce - nearing retirement
6) Lack of training on the maintenance function
(3 votes)
7) Still Reactive and lot of corrective maintenance even with a sound PM Program
(3 votes)
8) Frequent reorganization in the plant - where new boss makes a new system
9) Lack or poor documentation in PM
(2 votes)
10)PM is waived - Operations wont give equipment for PM to cope with production
(1 vote)
Select Top 3 problems ex. 1, 2 and 4.
Kindly send me your reply at rolaa12@yahoo.com
I will summarize this from time to time and when we conclude this survey perhaps we can all share and contribute some recommendations on these issues.
Hoping for your participation.
My Warm Regards,
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Rolly Angeles
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